Program Cost Per Semester
White Choir (30 minutes) $100
Blue Choir (45 minutes) $120
*Concordia (135 minutes) $195
  • • Discount for 2 children is 30%
  • • Discount for 3 or more children is 40%

Fees are payable in full (in person, by mail or website).
To pay in installments, please contact Lori Rose, treasurer.

Scholarships are available.

*Since membership in Concordia also includes participation in Blue Choir, Concordia members should only sign up for the Concordia fee. New audtionees for Concordia should wait to pay their fee until auditions are completed and the roster is set.

The following chart details the semester fees for the different choirs and applies the discount for more than 1 child.


* all fees are per semester

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